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Hypertwins Informatics
Independent Computer Repair and Consulting in Durham, NC


Local (NC Triangle)

  • on-site repair and maintenance of your computer or network
    • Clean up malware-infested Windows machines
    • Completely remove broken Norton/Symantec installations
    • Locate and install Windows drivers
    • Migrate data from old computer to new
    • Install & support Linux
  • email and web server setup/maintenance
    gain independence from your ISP!
    • Postfix/Dovecot
    • Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP)

Online Services

  • Web sites:
    • content management: WordPress, MediaWiki, Drupal
    • groupware: Feng Office, Group-Office
  • PHP coding:
    • MediaWiki extensions and skins
  • MySQL
    • migration from MS SQL Server, MS Access; ODBC

General Information

Free Services

  • HTYP: Post information about your business, group, event...
  • Issuepedia: Post information about your political/social cause, candidate...

Ask us if you need any help!

Other Projects

  • VBZ.NET: Online retail site designed and coded in-house
  • Outside Life: webcomic using MediaWiki
  • PsyCrit: online journal using MediaWiki

Completed Work

  • 2010-08-31: replaced cracked power jack on Gateway NV54 laptop (brought in 2010-08-17)