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Programming, Web, and Text-Oriented

  • Full-service Webhosting:
    • MediaWiki: $50 setup + $20/month
      • includes active wikispam filtering, software upgrades, minor maintenance
      • additional webmastering: $35/hour
    • Drupal also available
  • Programming: $50/hour (PHP/MySQL)
  • Proofreading, editing, rewriting for clarity available

Compare with:, InfoPulse

Hardware Service/Networking

On Site

At your location:

  • $75/hour during working hours
  • $100/hour for emergency calls

There may be a minimum or travel fee depending on how far away your location is; I am based on the west side of Durham, near Duke University and South Square.

In Shop / Telecommute

  • $25 bench fee to set up your computer in-shop for work
  • $60/hour for all active work, including repair, setup, diagnostics, programming, etc.
    • Unattended time running automated processes is not billed; only the time I spend actually working on the computer (including setting up such processes and making sure they are working) is counted.
    • automated processes include: diagnostics, long uploads or downloads, lengthy setups, etc.
  • Pick-up/drop-off available


  • I generally discount any work installing or supporting Linux. I strongly encourage everyone to try Linux, and offer incentives to switch, because Linux is:
    • much easier to support than Windows
    • totally free of charge -- which also means no registration codes or master discs to lose, no verification process
    • less prone to viruses, malware, and general instability
  • Sliding-scale pricing is available for public interest projects. Tell me more about your project and I will tell you what I can offer.
  • Bulk rate pricing available for larger projects.