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Location: living room: <listing> <description>


  • TomTom GPS
  • unopened bag of DSL line filters
  • small bag containing several sticks of old RAM (largest is 64 MB)
  • iomega Ditto drive with data cable (no power supply)
  • small CPU heat sink with fan (no grease)
  • (2) serial mice (1 "Identity" 3-button, 1 Microsoft 2-button)
  • (2) small mysterious internal cables (audio? USB?)
  • plastic baggie with backstops (metal rails) for postage scale
  • tiny Sony laptop(?) circuit board (with switch) wrapped in tinfoil
  • Memorex CD-482E 48x CD-ROM drive (presumably read-only) (not sure if it works, but no problems written on it)
  • DVD-RAM drive (4.7 GB)


  • 2010-11-21 created while sorting out basement looking for CPU thermal grease
  • 2011-01-15 added postage scale rails, Sony laptop part
  • 2011-01-16 2 drives
  • 2011-11-25 DSL filters
  • 2019-06-13 TomTom; box is currently on top of coffee table in back corner