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Location: living room: <listing> <description>


  • (3) Sony Vaio laptops:
    • PCG-F420 from Ebay - cannibalized for parts for Scooter; see notes attached to interior
    • PCG-F350, belongs to Chuck Pelon but apparently he doesn't want it
    • PCG-F430, case in pretty good shape, marked "STADDON" underneath
  • Laptop A/C adapters:
    • IBM A/C adapter: 16 VDC, center positive, 3.36A
    • Sony PCGA-ACX1 19.5 VDC adapter, center positive (for Vaio)
  • MP3-to-FM crappy cig-lighter-plug-in device
  • bag of spout rings for DrinkWell pet water fountain (maybe 3 rings? didn't count them)
  • 120 VAC boxer fan with power plug
  • Palm Tungsten E2, base, power supply (in ziplok bag)
  • Uniden DECT 6.0 cordless phone, remote base, power supply (in ziplok bag)


  • 2020-11-21:
    • added Uniden phone and Palm Tungsten
    • threw these away, because the chair to which they belonged got thrown away months ago:
      • "(2) arms from black reclining char - 1 bolt each (should have 4 total, so missing 2)"
  • 2011-01-17 Using Vaio A/C adapter on Scooter in office
  • 2010-11-21 Sony Vaio A/C adapter, boxer fan
  • 2010-10-26 DrinkWell spout rings
  • 2010-08-11 Created, added chair arms and 3 laptops, IBM power supply, MP3-to-FM